Charter Bus – A Fun Way To Travel

Travelling is the favorite pastime for many people. There is nothing more exciting and interesting than exploring new places, after all. Charter buses provide a great way to travel to different places. It rules out all tensions and rackets associated with bus travel.

A traveler has several options when it comes to mechanical transport media. A charter bus service can be of great help when it comes to traveling swiftly and smartly. Bus travels have been into practice since a long time and have been a great hit too, owing to a bus’s ability to encompass a large number of people and their luggage. Bus travels has its origin in London back in 1830. It is an ideal mode of transport for long and extended trips around different places. Basically, buses that are used for long trips are called charter buses.

While you search for a good charter bus service, you must specify your origination place and your destination place clearly. Not all companies provide services to far-off places. Some deal with short trips to remote areas. So, you must mention the vital details of your planned travel trip in order to find the bus service that meets your requirements.

Charter buses generally are huge in size, having high floors as compared to normal buses. There is separate storage place for storing luggage. The seats of such traveling buses are generally lavish and comfortable, ideal for long trips. They can also be reclined to suitable angles. Some charter buses have the DVD players, television and VCRs installed in them. This provides entertainment to the passengers while they are travelling. Some buses even have small restrooms, generally at the back.

Traveling in charter buses can be very different and fun-filled, especially when you are travelling in a group. Even if you are travelling alone, you can meet interesting people who are travel enthusiasts like you! it is not a difficult task to get hold of a good charter bus service. You can easily get the details of a local company through local listings or on the internet. As you gather the contact number of a company, you can contact it and discuss your travel details with them. It is wise to receive a price quote for each company you shortlist. This can help you to make a better decision.

Bus Travel Services

This is about bus travel services and how it works, there are a lot of companies out there that offer Bus travel services, most specialize in certain areas, some companies do not offer services world wide unless they are franchised out to other areas. In this article I am focusing on KPN Travels and will write Service, Safety with sophistication of their Service Specialty.

KPN Travels

This bus travels service is plying buses in four states namely Tamil Nadu, Pondy, Kerala, and Karnataka. Lakhs of customer prefer this Travels buses through out the year for going to various places in South India. 38 years in public transport is indeed a great accomplishment by our company. It has its Headquarters at Salem and it is in this business since last four decades. From a humble beginning, it has grown to become one of the leading bus operators with an expanding fleet of buses in the country. Offering excellent service with its well-maintained coaches and courteous staff, KPN travels strength lies in its enlightened management. Today the luxury buses of this travels services are familiar sights on almost all the vast highways of the South. The runaway success of the company and the popularity of its bus service is traceable to its quality and timely service to customers, excellent labour relations and the steadfast loyalty of the workers to the management.

Travel or Rent-A-Bus

KPN Travels is an awesome bus services based in South India, they provide weekend and daily Service for Traveling or business or private use. A wide range of vehicles are on offer including: AC and Non AC. Sleeper and Semi sleeper classes.

Practical Bus Traveling and Rental

You will find touring or traveling by KPN Travels bus services to be a convenient option. Bus hire enables you to see the sights without having to walk or drive to various destinations. You can enjoy numerous tours while allowing someone else to do the driving. Hiring a bus or traveling in KPN Travel buses will eliminate the usual hassles and distress while allowing you to enjoy your travels and make you to feel comfort. To book your ticket or bus hire in KPN Travels, go online to find the availability.

Advantages of Bus Travel

Bus is the most popular transport nowadays. Many people choose bus as the best transport for them because of the many advantages they find in it. Others never get on a bus, thinking only of the disadvantages, which are truly a lot. Here I will tell you the reasons why it is better to choose travelling by bus rather than travelling with your car for example.

The good standpoints for travelling by bus

Many people choose bus transport because it is cheap. This is the main reason why when you get on a bus you will see mainly students and old people. The tickets for long destinations are much cheaper than the flight tickets. You can also by a card for every month and travel at reduced fare. This is also a good advantage to choose bus transport, because it saves you money that you can spend on your next vacation.

Another good advantage of bus transport when going on short travels is that bad weather won’t be a problem for the bus driver. If you are planning to go to the nearest village with your bicycle and it starts raining or snowing, you will get wet for sure. If you choose the bus, you can save yourself this uncomfortable situation and it also can save you money because it won’t get you sick. Also if you choose to take a flight and the weather surprises you and a storm comes out, you may be waiting for hours because of delayed flights.

However, this won’t happen if you choose bus travel. In modern buses, you will have an air conditioner, toilet, the bus-hostess will offer you drinks and snacks to make your trip more enjoyable, and there are also at least two TV sets in new travel buses. So you can enjoy your trip watching a movie and having a snack without worrying when will be the next stop for the toilet. Also if you are travelling on a bus for more hours or even days, you can always make new friends there. So, the new social contacts are the other advantage of the bus. And if you have to choose between a plane or bus, remember that you will see much more if you are travelling with a bus. The bus also stops at many places during the travel and in that time, you can have a coffee or a cigarette if you are a smoker. In the plane this could not be done.

Another good advantage of buses is that they reduce the traffic jams in the rush hour in big cities. Imagine that everyone uses cars. The traffic jams will be a lot bigger than they are now. In some countries like India, a bus can gather more than 150 passengers. Imagine that all these people were using their cars instead of bus transport the cities will be crowded.

The Value Of Charter Buses In Your Life

You must have seen those big buses with tourists on top taking lots of photos round the city. Or the kinds of buses used by artistes on tour or election campaign icons. These are what we call Charter buses, designed to carry groups of people travelling together to their desired destination with maximum comfort.

Bus Charters have become an important part of our lives; it benefits all of us equally whether we are travelling individually or in a group. At one point you’ll need the bus charters to help you carry people to a specific destination. And here is what the Charter buses can do for you.

You need them for cheap and convenient transportation; let’s face the facts, if you are holding an event at a location outside your home and neighborhood, it’s quite expensive if we all got to drive ourselves there. Gas is not cheap these days, so it’s wise if you and your group could cost share on the fuel and get to the same place together. Not only time saving but also no one gets to feel the pinch of paying a lot for gas.

Bus Charters are quite flexible; for some of us, traveling is much of a hobby rather than a necessary option to get us where we want to go. We like to make the most of the moment and try to enjoy the whole route to the pit stop. For this kind of guy, you definitely will choose the road with options like water or air transport. This is because buses deliver 100% on scenery and Charter buses are excellent on that! If it’s a cruise round a foreign city, you have a double-decker bus with an open top where the cool breezes mixed with exquisite cit view are a memory not easily forgotten. If it’s a safari, charter buses can get off road and take a cruise into the wild where you can have great snapshots of elephants, lions or zebras.

Extra advantages; we know a bus has similar advantages to the airplane in terms of good conditioning and a built in bathroom. However traveling by air doesn’t guarantee you many stops along the way as you would in a bus. The charter bus comes in handy when you want to stop at every town you come across and have fabulous photo moments of the place; or maybe you just wanted to stop for fresh air and buy a few snacks to nibble on. Nothing beats the Charter bus on these advantages!

The Benefits of Bus Travel in Mexico

Traveling by bus in Mexico is an affordable and pleasant way to travel. Premier buses play movies. Some are also beginning to offer Internet services during your trip.


If you choose to drive, the one-way cost of gas and tolls on the autopistas (highways) will usually exceed the price of a two-way bus ticket. Many popular destinations have round the clock departures and arrivals and are very affordable.


Premier bus lines are clean and comfortable. There is no comparison between a plane and the bus. On the bus, you are able to stretch out in comfort. The seats recline nearly flat and you will have abundant leg room. Even if you stretch out, you will not disrupt the comfort of the passenger behind you. Pillows are available.

Premier bus lines will provide you with a beverage and a sandwich upon boarding. Clean restrooms are located at the back of the bus, along with a station for hot water and tea. If you prefer coffee, ask for it upon boarding.


Upon boarding, an officer may ask to pass a security detection wand over your body. This usually depends upon the departure or arrival point. Additionally, premier bus lines operate on a non-stop schedule. This means that no person will be allowed to board the bus, after it leaves the dock.


On the bus, your luggage travels with you. It is never transferred to another bus. Most premier lines permit two pieces of luggage in the underneath compartment. For small packages and carry-on bags, there is an overhead compartment above your seat.


Enlaces Terrestres Nacionales (ETN) and Primera Plus are the top premier bus lines. They are non-stop and cover most of the country. Tickets can be purchased online.