The Benefits of Bus Travel in Mexico

Traveling by bus in Mexico is an affordable and pleasant way to travel. Premier buses play movies. Some are also beginning to offer Internet services during your trip.


If you choose to drive, the one-way cost of gas and tolls on the autopistas (highways) will usually exceed the price of a two-way bus ticket. Many popular destinations have round the clock departures and arrivals and are very affordable.


Premier bus lines are clean and comfortable. There is no comparison between a plane and the bus. On the bus, you are able to stretch out in comfort. The seats recline nearly flat and you will have abundant leg room. Even if you stretch out, you will not disrupt the comfort of the passenger behind you. Pillows are available.

Premier bus lines will provide you with a beverage and a sandwich upon boarding. Clean restrooms are located at the back of the bus, along with a station for hot water and tea. If you prefer coffee, ask for it upon boarding.


Upon boarding, an officer may ask to pass a security detection wand over your body. This usually depends upon the departure or arrival point. Additionally, premier bus lines operate on a non-stop schedule. This means that no person will be allowed to board the bus, after it leaves the dock.


On the bus, your luggage travels with you. It is never transferred to another bus. Most premier lines permit two pieces of luggage in the underneath compartment. For small packages and carry-on bags, there is an overhead compartment above your seat.


Enlaces Terrestres Nacionales (ETN) and Primera Plus are the top premier bus lines. They are non-stop and cover most of the country. Tickets can be purchased online.